About Amethyst Sea Designs

Amethyst Sea Designs was formally known as Ethereal Graphics. It mainly featured graphics for Neopets such as User Lookups, Shop Blogs, etc. ASD will focus more on website and LiveJournal graphics, like layouts, icons, mood themes, and more. I'll try to include graphics for both paid and free users on LiveJournal. Older graphics from Ethereal Graphics are still used, although I've added newer graphics as well. If you have an suggestions or ideas for something you'd like to see on ASD just send me an e-mail, I promise I don't bite. =)

Featured Graphics

These are the graphics I recommend checking out. =)

- The Little Mermaid icons
- Sailor Moon icons
- Layouts (for websites and LiveJournal)

Latest Updates

October 20th, 2006:

All but the following pages have content:

-Mood Themes -Requests -Brushes -Basic HTML -Fonts -Tutorials

Everything else has been uploaded. I love to do requests, so send me an e-mail if you have something in mind. =)

October 19th, 2006:

New layout! I'm slowly getting the pages up and content added. ^_^ There's a tagboard on the side (edit: removed) if you'd like to leave any messages, and I've added a Guestbook and Guestmap from Bravenet as well.